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Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    “A successful presentation can only be possible by synchronizing the mind with the audience. You can only reach minds when you can reach hearts.”  Bryn Stevenson

    “While preparing a presentation, always practice keeping the control and keep in mind these three words: simplicity, clarity and brevity.”   Garr Reynolds

    Two most essential criteria in adult presentations: being worthy of being listened and ensuring conveyed messages to be correctly perceived and adopted.

    Basing on these two basic criteria, Presentation Magic Training aims to acquire the audience valuable, practicable, catchy and unique information conveyance methods.

    Communication is an important part of both our work life and social life. Communication skill should be strong to attain success as well. For that reason, body language and spoken language are of great importance. If we consider life as presentation stage, messages desired to be conveyed can only be conveyed by presenting them effectively.

    Starting from this point, people can only move their communication skills forward by combining their achievements in influencing and persuasion power with personality structure. Today, in many companies, we spend most of our time with meetings and presentations, and company employees who make these presentations the simplest, the most understandable and the most effective are one step ahead.

    Sample presentations will be made with live feedback system in the training. Special feedbacks in which we will address a different topic in each of them is in the form of giving feedbacks at first hand in a different session. An obvious difference will be observed between the beginning and the ending, and follow-up activities will be arranged for employees who are in the need of further deepening/development.

    Basing on the theory of establishing genuine intimacy and persuading in company meetings, the stage will be left to you as a presentation magician who will be fascinating while being watched.


    The training is designed to improve skills of influencing and persuading company employees or groups, top management.

    • Performing self-confident and reliable presentations
    • Understanding new views and approaches on influencing ability and sub-dynamics of influencing such as power and resistance.
    • Preparing presentations that influence distracted people and get their attention constantly.
    • Applying different influencing tactics according to different scenarios
    • Forming the skill of effectively giving persuasive message according to different audience and, while doing this, creating credibility and giving confidence.


    – Expert roles preparing company presentation at different levels (Training, human resources, organization, sales and marketing department employees)

    – Those who gets into one-to-one relations with people in terms of communication, motivation, negotiation and leadership

    – All managers and manager candidates


Part 1: Influencing Art

  • Learning details in words and sentences such as stress, intonation, pause, melody; and correctly using body language and voice tone activities will be done with practical applications. Self-confident behavior models to strengthen personal image will be instructed.

Part 2: How do they buy ideas?

  • It will be intensified on techniques needed for presentations made in this program to be more effective in that ideas can be conveyed in a more understandable and accurate way to the other party.

Part 3: Understanding yourself and what you do

  • Participants are expected to attend this activity with a preparation of a 5-minute presentation on the subject of “I introduce myself”. 4 different presentation subjects will be performed, prepared or improvised, in the program. All these activities will be supplemented by theoretical base and feedbacks.

Part 4: Narration in Business Life

  • This activity aims to ensure participants to be able to use narration and storytelling effectively in line with their purpose. Such a presentation, no matter what subject it will be on, will be kept in mind for longer times by listeners and its influence will spread over time. This fact should always be kept in mind that achievements of true leaders come into existence out of the power of their stories, which will set others in motion…

Part 5: Presentation Preparation Techniques

  • We will prepare presentations that will give the impression of “Has an agency made this presentation?”, using newest online tools, as different from all other training programs. In addition, by using innovative presentation technologies, we will make the people watching us understand, at the first touch, that we are persuasive and inspiring.


There are no prerequisites for this course.