Customer Service Skills and Techniques

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Duration : 2 Days
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    Customer service has always been an integral part of business or agency mission, but social media has made the customer experience more easily shared with and visible to everyone. Recognizing and interpreting customer concerns at all levels of the organization will help you address issues before they can go viral. Learn how to manage service issues by identifying customer needs and expectations, better communicating with customers, and objectively evaluating your organization’s customer service.


    Delegate will learn how to

    • Examine the value of providing exceptional customer service in today’s business environment
    • Explore how service is defined by customers
    • Communicate effectively and genuinely with customers
    • Apply strategies to better deal with challenging customers
    • Objectively evaluate customer service efforts



    This course is designed for professionals looking to improve the customer service experience and develop techniques to build strong customer relationships.


Establishing a Customer Focus

  •       Why Customer Service Matters
  •       Who Are Your Customers?

Determining Customer Expectations

  •       How Are Customer Expectations of Service Shaped?
  •       The Six Dimensions of Quality Customer Service
  •       Moments of Truth

Communicating with Customers

  •       Dialogue vs. Discussion
  •       Opening the Dialogue
  •       Listen to the Customer
  •       Diagnose and Problem Solve
  •       Use Careful Language When Communicating with Customers
  •       Closing the Dialogue
  •       Delivering Service via Technology

 Dealing with Challenging Customers

  •       Recovering from Service Breakdowns
  •       Behaviors that Anger Customers
  •       Responding to Difficult Customers
  •       Managing Your Emotions in Difficult Customer Situations
  •       The Biology Behind Customer Service: Mirror Neurons
  •       Does Customer Service Work Align with Your Personal Goals and Values?

Evaluating Customer Service

  •       Gathering Customer Feedback
  •       Communicating Customer Feedback
  •       Conveying Up Customer Feedback


There are no prerequisites for this course.