Change Management

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Duration : 2 Days
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    Change management has become a critical component in initiating significant tasks, process and/or cultural change within the workplace. A common definition used for change management is a set of processes that is employed to ensure that significant changes are implemented in an orderly, controlled and systematic fashion to effect organisational change. Change Management includes both organisational change management processes and individual change management models, which together are used to manage the people side of change.

    Organizational change management includes processes and tools for managing the people side of the change at an organizational level. These tools include a structured approach that can be used to effectively transition groups or organizations through change. When combined with an understanding of individual change management, these tools provide a framework for managing the people side of change. One of the goals of change management is then to assist the organisation / individual to overcome resistance and to buy into the change initiative.

    This 3 day course provides delegates with the opportunity to explore approaches to managing change. During the course we will look at how to build the foundations for successful change. Four core areas will be explored: change and the organisation, change and the individual, communications and stakeholder engagement and change management in practice. Together they will enable a delegate to develop a comprehensive change management plan to support effective change within an organisation.


    At the end of this course delegates will learn how to:

    • Recognise the drivers for change
    • Consider the impact of change on individuals within the organisation
    • Identify different organisation cultures and understand their impact on the change process
    • Select an appropriate framework to use as the basis for the creation of a change management plan
    • Plan learning activities to support change
    • Identify and analyse stakeholders to understand their influence on the change plan
    • Create and implement a communications management plan
    • Develop an effective change team
    • Develop organisations that can respond well to change



    No prerequisites are necessary for attendance, although delegates would benefit from some experience of organisational change prior to attending the course.


Change and the organisation

  • Defining change
  • Why their organisations need to change and the implications for this on the design of the change programme

Change, the organisation and the individual

  • A change management perspective
  • The impact of change on the individual and what implications this has when planning change
  • How different organisational cultures can affect the change experience
  • What frameworks are available support the creation of a ‘people focused’ change management plan
  • Key roles in supporting successful change

Education and learning support

  • The process of learning
  • Identifying and meeting learning needs
  • The implications of ‘learning styles’ when designing learning interventions

Communications and stakeholder engagement

  • Stakeholder strategy
  • Identify and analyse stakeholders
  • Develop effective influencing strategies

Communication and engagement

  • The theory of effective communications
  • The use of different communication channels
  • How to develop a communications plan
  • How to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the communications

Change management in practice

  • Change impact
  • Tools that help assess the wider impacts of the change and so ensure a comprehensive change management plan is developed

Change readiness, planning and measurement

  • Build motivation to change
  • Build organisational readiness for change
  • Prepare for resistance

Personal and professional management

  • Develop effective teams to help manage change


There are no prerequisites for this course.