AI in Enterprise: Strategic Implementation

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 1 Day
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Generate effective AI strategy in this practical one day workshop for executives.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is showing tremendous potential for transforming the world of enterprise, and its industrial applications are taking off. In a recent survey by Forbes, 80% of C-level executives indicated that the future of the businesses ‘will be informed through opportunities made available with AI’.

However, rapid developments in the field, accompanied by a tendency to hyperbolise AI, has led to a communication gap between technical teams and executives. This workshop will provide a guide to forward-looking strategy, enabling you to design your own AI implementation roadmap for your organisation. The setting is interactive, collaborative, and uses a gamified approach to instil the learning in an exciting way. You will not want to miss this exclusive one-day event.



Leaders wanting to implement a forward-looking strategy with increased potential for growth

Strategists wanting to drive competitive advantage

Innovators seeking inspiration for change in their organisation


AI Applications in Business

  • Introduction to AI applications in business, with integrated group activities (introductions between coupled participants, group discussion of the participants’ expectations, and their understanding of successful AI use cases). Core presentation on ‘AI in the World of Enterprise’, followed by a Q&A session.

Enhancing Products/Services, and Your Workforce

  • Session on how AI can enhance a company’s products/services, processes, and workforce. Sample group activity: each team develops criteria that would justify the use case of an AI R+D product. Self-evaluation and discussion to follow.

Obstacles to AI Implementation

  • Session on organisational hindrances to AI implementation (data management and security, cultural factors, and the regulatory landscape). Core presentation on ‘AI Projects: What Could Go Wrong?’ with Q&A. Sample group activity: each team discusses an obstacle and potential solutions.

Your Implementation Roadmap

  • Session on strategic organisational and project management changes. Core presentation on ‘Drawing Your Implementation Roadmap’. Drawing up of roadmap and ideal project management structure, and characteristics of ideal management and technical teams.