International Usability Testing

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    Usability tests are conducted to check the usability of software (or hardware) for the user. This aims to ensure smooth interaction with the software for the potential user and help them to come away with a positive user experience. As a usability tester, you run tests together with the actual users. You document identified weaknesses through observations and survey.


    Watching users try to accomplish tasks on your site is the most effective and efficient way to uncover usability problems. This course will empower you to conduct quick and cheap usability tests throughout the project lifecycle, without having to set up an official lab. Learn the benefits of traditional user testing techniques and online testing tools.

    this course improves Usability Testing in Global Standards with interactive and practical methods.


     Delegates will learn how to

    • facilitate sessions,
    • develop test plans,
    • analyze data,
    • present the findings.



  • What is Usability?
  • What is Testing?
  • What is Usability Testing?
  • When to do the usability testing?
  • Formative Usability Testing
  • Summative Usability Testing

Usability Testing Principles

  • Heuristic Inspection (Expert Review)
  • User Observation


Usability Testing Laboratory and Set Up

  • Formal and informal laboratories
  • Moderated tests
  • Tests without Moderation
  • Remote Testing