Group Facilitation

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Duration : 2 Days
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    Effective facilitators can lead a group to address organizational challenges by devising clear solutions. Strong facilitation skills can transform problems into opportunities. You will learn a proven, three-part group facilitation process that provides you with the tools and techniques to make a group’s work more effective. You will develop strategies to facilitate even the most challenging scenarios through hands-on practice, feedback, discussion, and role-plays.


    Delegates will learn how to

    • Define group facilitation and the role of a facilitator
    • Identify the guiding principles of effective group facilitation
    • Apply a results-oriented facilitation process
    • Apply appropriate facilitation tools and techniques
    • Demonstrate their competency as an effective facilitator of groups
    • Facilitate groups to develop and agree on realistic plans or solutions to issues



    This course is designed for individuals who want to learn the principles, tools, and techniques that successful facilitators use to make the work of groups more effective.


Understanding Group Facilitation

  •       What Is Facilitation?
  •       Roles in Group Facilitation
  •       The Impact of a Facilitator’s Thinking and Behavior
  •       Facilitator Competencies
  •       The Group Facilitation Process Model

Defining Group Work

  •       Define the Group Work
  •       Create Shared Expectations
  •       Agree on Structure
  •       Clarify Roles
  •       Identify Success Criteria
  •       Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Managing How Work Gets Done

  •       Manage How Group Work Gets Done
  •       Starting the Facilitation
  •       Facilitating Group Work
  •       Facilitation Wrap-Up

Group Work Follow-Up

  •       Group Work Follow-Up

Learning and Growing as a Group Facilitator

  •       How Are We Doing?
  •       Expanding Your Facilitation Competencies


There are no prerequisites for this course.