DNS Security

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 1 Day
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    We see that DNS servers that are located on the organization network but serve elements outside the organization by their nature have become important targets for attackers. Participants will be given detailed technical information about the attacks against the DNA protocol and the attacks carried out using this protocol and the measures to be taken regarding DNA security will be shared.

    Delegates will learn

    • Dna
    • Attacks on DNS
    • Vulnerabilities on DNS
    • DNS Security



  • Principles of DNS operation
  • DNS setup (BIND)
  • Advanced DNS features
  • Data that can be collected by attackers via DNA

Attacks on DNS

  • Visible DNS attacks
  • Attacks targeting DNS
  • Attacks using DNS
  • Tools used in DNS attacks

Vulnerabilities on DNS

  • Vulnerabilities caused by DNS architecture
  • Vulnerabilities caused by incorrect installation
  • Vulnerabilities on the software
  • Vulnerabilities resulting from DNS protocol

DNS Security

  • Detecting attacks against DNA
  • Preventing attacks on DNS
  • Responding to DNS attacks
  • Using DNSSEC


There are no prerequisites