ChatGPT for HR (Human Resources)

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Duration : 1 Day
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ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI and is an advanced artificial intelligence model with natural language comprehension and generation capabilities. This artificial intelligence supported conversational model can also be used in the field of human resources.


What is ChatGPT? What are the effects on our lives?

GPT Impact and Returns of Chat in Business Duration

Human Resources Chat Using GPT

The impact of chatgbt on creating new educational content and following current developments.

CV Preparation techniques and GPT applications to select the right candidate.

Things to consider when checking HR laws and regulations with GPT.

Creating and implementing employee surveys and performance-enhancing sensitivity analyses.

Preparing emails to new job candidates, including Job Offer Letters, and tactics for establishing proper communication.

To create new strategies and points to be considered in Performance Evaluation reports.

To develop and implement personalized career development plans specific to personnel.

HR Conducting market research on current issues (salary, required characteristics, etc.)

To automatically answer General questions of employees.

Compare different candidate interviews and get support for the right candidate.

Case studies from Global Companies


There are no prerequisites for this course.