Breakthrough Problem Solving

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Duration : 2 Days
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    The status quo in an organization functions as the baseline upon which all employees operate. However, this does not mean alternate perspectives and solutions should not be considered. As an organization grows, so too must the status quo. You will learn how to reframe organizational issues to overcome complex issues, and you will discuss ways to overcome common barriers that hinder breakthrough thinking. Challenge yourself to transform your thinking by engaging in breakthrough problem-solving.


    Delegates will learn

    • Define the status quo and evaluate the effectiveness of situations in which they practiced breakthrough problem-solving
    • Assess a potential change to the status quo and determine its likelihood for success
    • View problems from various perspectives to devise strategies that incorporate multiple stakeholders’ interests
    • Overcome hurdles that impede progress or promote imbedded thinking within an organization
    • Use future-focused language and effective coaching strategies to prepare employees for new ways of operating
    • Create a breakthrough problem solving plan that fosters sustainable change
    • Lead directed brainstorming sessions that yield more substantive results



    This course is designed for leaders and managers who want to think in new ways about problems, issues, or challenges in order to break through common perceived barriers.


Introduction to Breakthrough Problem Solving

  •       Introduction to the Status Quo
  •       Thinking About Possibilities: A Paradigm Shift
  •       Understanding Your Perceptions of the Status Quo

Mapping the Current Status Quo

  •       The Importance of Seeing the Whole Picture
  •       Introduction to Concept Mapping

Reframing Problems from Alternative Perspectives

  •       Viewing Issues From a Galaxy Far Away
  •       How You Develop Perceptions
  •       Action Learning: A Tool to Reframe Organizational Issues

Changing Embedded Mindsets

  •       What Is Embedded Thinking?
  •       At the Core of Individual Barriers
  •       Strategies for Breaking Down Core Barriers

Methods to Foster Breakthrough Thinking

  •       Guided Brainstorming
  •       From Concept to Implementation
  •       Additional Resources for Breakthrough Thinking

Fostering Adaptability

  •       What Is Adaptability
  •       Conversational Structure: Introducing Possibilities Through Future-Based Language
  •       Coaching: Using Purposeful Conversations to Achieve Results
  •       Fostering Adaptability Through Continual Learning
  •       Enemies of Learning

Planning for a Breakthrough

  •       Misperceptions in Trying to Change Large-Scale Status Quo Situations
  •       Planning for Changing the Status Quo

Moving Forward

  •       Preparing to Lead


There are no prerequisites for this course