Advanced Leadership Skills and Techniques

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 3 Days
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    As today’s organizations change, leadership strategies must change as well. By building on established leadership practices, you will learn advanced leadership skills and techniques to engage your organization strategically through culture change. Gain the ability to lead others through learned strategic change management and enhanced communication skills to ultimately spark and innovative change.


    Delegates will learn how to

    • Evaluate your leadership role within the complex systems of your organization
    • Determine ways to build resilience within yourself and your teams to foster an emotionally intelligent organization
    • Devise a plan that enables you to improve your organization’s culture
    • Develop a strategy for creating and managing change in your organization
    • Use targeted strategic thinking practices to communicate more effectively
    • Select appropriate leadership language to enhance your interpersonal communication
    • Implement design thinking strategies to foster an innovative culture
    • Illustrate a plan for fostering an ethical organization focused on serving others
    • Develop a plan for how to apply advanced leadership skills and techniques in your career



    This course is designed for established leaders and managers who need to make strategic organizational decisions.


Leading Through Complexity

  •       Organizational Complexity and Leadership
  •       The Organizational Ecosystem
  •       Leading Across Boundaries
  •       Managing Paradoxes

Leading a Resilient and Emotionally Intelligent Organization

  •       Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Capital
  •       Strategies for Building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Organizational Culture

  •       Understanding Your Organization’s Culture
  •       The Impact of Your Organization’s Cultural Layers
  •       Creating Cultural Transformation

Strategic Change Management

  •       Systems Thinking
  •       Managing the Human Side of Change
  •      Strategies for Creating and Managing Organizational Change

Advanced Interpersonal Communication

  •       Leadership Language
  •       Conveying a Powerful Leadership Presence

Cultivating an Innovative Organization

  •       Leading the Conditions for Innovation
  •       Design Thinking for Innovation

Servant Leadership

  •       The Servant Leader Mindset
  •       Servant Leadership and Ethical Decision Making
  •       Creating a Serving Culture

My Leadership Journey

  • My Leadership Journey


There are no prerequisites for this course.