Commercial 5G networks are online all over the world. Ericsson has been a key point in achieving this from the very beginning – setting requirements, guiding standardization, developing our portfolio and creating an ecosystem. This new communication technology brings new talents to create opportunities for people, businesses and society. So what is 5G and what does it mean to you?

5G is an investment for the next decade, and in previous mobile transitions we have seen that most of the major changes took place years after the first announcement. Take, for example, 4G. The first 4G phones in the U.S. appeared in 2010, but 4G apps that changed our world didn’t appear until later. Snapchat came in 2012 and Uber became widespread in 2013. Video calls over LTE networks became widespread in the USA in 2013 as well.

But let’s hear from experts …

One thing you might notice is that when you hear 5G, you hear a lot of talk about speed. Obviously, for beginners like kids, the speed of 5G was the easiest thing to understand.

But 5G is much, much more …


This is 5G

The connection needs of the world are changing. Global mobile data traffic is expected to increase with 5G before the end of 2024. Especially in busy urban areas, existing 4G networks will not be able to continue.

Here comes a new G. When 5G networks are turned on, first-use situations provide homes with fiber speeds without fiber, with enhanced mobile broadband and fixed wireless access, which will bring better experiences for smartphone users. 5G smartphones will be available in early 2019.

Downloading a full-length HD movie in seconds and sharing your great moments with your friends – this is just the beginning. The real value of 5G is the opportunity for people, the business and the world in general: more connected, smarter and more sustainable industries, regions, towns and cities.

It allows industries to rediscover themselves.

First, let’s summarize how we got here.

1G: Mobile voice calls

2G: Mobile calls and SMS

3G: Browsing the mobile web

4G: Mobile video consumption and higher data rate

5G: Digitization of technologies and industries serving consumers.

Why is 5G a game changer?

5G will significantly increase your network connection. You won’t have to worry about interruptions while sharing videos from crowded arenas, or high-quality videos from your news source won’t disappoint all buffers.

Instead, you will get a faster, more stable, safer connection – new services and experiences are waiting for you right around the corner. More efficient capabilities and greatly increased capacity mean you’ll enjoy better performance than ever before.

What does 5G mean for communication service providers?

The introduction of 5G will enable communication service providers to develop their business in a variety of ways. Just as it undermines the landscape where 4G’s data packets are more important than voice and SMS packs, 5G communication offers service providers opportunities to offer new services. 5G will also improve cost efficiency. 5G shows that it will provide 10 times lower cost per gigabyte than existing 4G networks.

Meanwhile, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) can provide connectivity for homes and businesses.

5G also offers operators the opportunity to take advantage of revenue streams from the digitalization of industries. Service providers that provide new use cases, new services, new business models, and a new ecosystem can take advantage of market opportunities up to $ 619 billion globally in 2026.