DevOps is an approach to culture, automation and platform design that aims to deliver higher business value and responsiveness through fast, high-quality service delivery. All of this is made possible by fast-paced, iterative IT service delivery. DevOps means connecting legacy applications with newer cloud-based applications and infrastructure.


What is DevOps?

The word “DevOps” is a mix of “development” and “operations”, but represents a much larger idea and practice than these two terms alone or in combination.

DevOps includes security, collaborative working methods, data analytics, and more.

DevOps describes approaches to speeding up the processes by which an idea (such as a new software feature, a development request, or a bug fix) moves from development to deployment in a production environment where it can provide value to the user.

These approaches require development teams and operations teams to communicate frequently and to approach their work with empathy for their teammates.

Scalability and flexible provisioning are also required. With DevOps, those who need power most get it through self-service and automation.

Developers who often code in a standard development environment work closely with IT operations to accelerate software builds, testing, and releases without sacrificing reliability.

Of course, this means more frequent code changes and more dynamic infrastructure usage. Traditional management strategies cannot keep up with such demand.

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