People in companies often make hundreds of decisions every day; some have long-term implications. But big data and smart technology are changing the decision-making process. Decision Making training will teach you new ways of thinking to tailor your decision making process.

Offered by BlueMark Academy, this program focuses on managerial thinking and reasoning using the latest advances in big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

You will learn how to develop decision-making skills to help you focus on your markets, make strategic progress, and influence consumers. With this training, we address the best principles for managerial decision making – thinking about big data and thinking with big data – as well as rational and irrational human behavior related to product information and prices and the social aspects of decision making.

Highly interactive lessons; You will set sail to new horizons with exercises, role plays and case studies. These working methods will help you apply new knowledge and immediately address your organization’s needs.


Learning objectives

This program aims to help managers understand how the mind works and how to use this understanding for professional success;

  1. Detect any ‘illusions of understanding’ in your organization and develop your ability to recognize and deal with the unconscious biases that cause it.
  2. Adapt your organization’s decision-making to new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  3. Let your organization take advantage of the latest research into how consumers actually make decisions about money, time, products, and services.
  4. Deal with uncertainty and risk and the ‘signal-to-noise’ process.
  5. Apply social impact principles to consumers’ decisions and those within your organization.
  6. Incorporate behavioral economics into your organization.


To strengthen your place in the industry, develop yourself in this area by taking a big step with the Decision Making training now.