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    Mobile app test automation is used to test for a number of things, such as functionality, security, and accessibility. Performance testing, stress testing, functional testing, and accessibility testing are a few types of tests that may be conducted on mobile apps.

    Mobile app testing automation is not for the faint of heart. Complex test creation, combined with complicated test scenarios, results in excessive manual testing. And that slows down your delivery.

    Providing a consistent app experience across devices is critical. Users expect instant, seamless interactions. And every digital experience is a reflection of your brand — which is why mobile app testing should be an integral part of your overall testing strategy.

    The mobile space is incredibly fragmented. Between devices, generations, and operating systems, there are thousands of permutations to test. But with mobile test automation, you can quickly scale your tests and boost coverage to accelerate delivery.


Test Automation with Appium

Mobile World

Mobile Test Types

Mobile Application Types

Test Strategy for Mobile Apps

Challenges and Risks in Mobile App Testing

Emulator/Simulator/Device Tracks

Appium Commands for Interaction

Synchronization Methods: Implicit vs Explicit Waits

Page Object Models & Screenplay Pattern

Continuous Testing Approach with Jenkins

Parallel Testing


Behavior Driven Development

Test Automation Case Study

Best practices


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