Storytelling for Leaders

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    Storytelling is not limited to a certain creative group, in fact, human beings are evolutionarily and neurologically tuned to storytelling and story-hearing, and they make sense of the world through stories.

    When we listen to a good story, we are more relaxed, more generous, and more cooperative. We connect and trust the storyteller. As Steve Jobs said, the best way to win people’s hearts and minds is to tell a story.

    A good story makes a great idea, product or service even greater. A leader must be a good storyteller to inspire change, make complex ideas more understandable, and manage change.

    The aim of the training is to raise the awareness of the participants about storytelling, to develop their skills and to enable them to use this skill effectively in their business life and leadership roles.

    At the end of course you will

    • Develop storytelling skills as a tool to motivate teams and drive organizational change.
    • Develop communication skills with both internal and external stakeholders using storytelling.
    • Applying storytelling techniques to real-world business scenarios.
    • Discover how to create stories more easily and quickly with productive AI tools.



    • CEOs
    • CTOs
    • CFOs
    • CMOs and other C-suite executives Department heads
    • Team leaders, Entrepreneurs and business owners
    • Every leader who aims to improve their communication skills


Module 1: Formulation of the power and strategy of storytelling in the business world
  • The transformative power of storytelling
  • Storytelling in the business world
  • How storytelling affects leadership
  • The science behind storytelling
  • Why the story is so powerful, evolutionary and neurological explanations
  • Creation of the strategy of the story before storytelling. (Target audience, Purpose of story, Message)
  • Study: Participants identify their primary target audience (employees, investors, customers) and the purpose and message of their company story.
Module 2: Storytelling Structures Use cases for leaders
  • Different storytelling structures such as ‘The Hero’s Journey’, ‘Three act structure’
  • Storytelling Techniques
  • Rules for mobilizing teams, storytelling to manage change
  • Examples from around the world and famous speakers
  • Study: Participants choose a structure and format suitable for their company stories and create a rough structure of their stories


Module 3: Leveraging AI tools in storytelling
  • Generative AI introduction and use cases
  • Tools available
  • How we use it in storytelling
  • Example demonstration
  • Ethical approach
  • Note: This module is taught in a way that is embedded in general education. Participants do their work with the support of artificial intelligence.


There are no prerequisites for this course.