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Duration : 1 Day
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“The universe is not made of atoms but stories.’’ – Muriel Rukeyser   –

“The language of our mind is story language. If one would like to present its thoughts with stories, the audience will not resist this; on the contrary, they embrace the narrator’’ Robert McKee

Even starting with an irony, if it has a story, makes itself read. Nowadays, storytelling is a popular subject. When I talk about my story telling training that is designed for company life, in conversation with people, they say, “Hmm…  Story telling… You mean…!” No… Pardon me? Just as you take a photo of a story and send your friend on the Instagram and you do not add a story, this training is my Story Telling training. For that reason, storytelling training arose as an objection…

Because, one of very old skills of humanity and one of our characteristics that distinguishes us from artificial intelligence is our story telling. It is widely seen in the business life that those who have discovered the power of story use this power for the purpose of persuading people. No conversation is boring or difficult to understand in which there exists a story. To reinforce narration, to be instructive and not to make people bored; stories are the best way.

Even the most simple, boring daily subject of the world can be turned into a story when color, emotion and spirit is involved into it. Stories are one of the best ways of communicating our problems and thoughts in a live, permanent and strong way. In fact, stories are the only way of establishing a bond with people or masses confronting us. Through stories or our experiences that we convey with narration, we can express ourselves in a more successful, touchy and catchy way to the audience.

We believe that anyone can prepare effective company stories, using story telling canvas of design-driven thinking



Story telling is the best way of persuading, keeping in mind and creating a meaning. Stories help us establish emotional bonds with people. You always need a good story when you would like either to market a product, or to convey your project or idea, or to influence people. In this program, it is aimed that participants will realize the power of stories in business life, learn techniques of forming metaphor and discover the most effective method of persuasion.

Leadership means touching people’s feelings and establishing bonds with them. One of the best ways of touching feelings and establishing bond is story telling. The common of characteristic of all leaders who have influenced history, people and organizations is that they can use stories in a way that they can persuade people. In this program, it is aimed that participants express their strategies and targets using stories and narrate stories with its methods to inspire and to motivate



  • Anyone in the business world who would like to enhance its influence and to develop its communication skills may participate.
  • All employees who will enter into a job interview or prepare for an interview for a position
  • Sales department employees who are preparing for a new product or a service.


How effective are stories in business life?

  • We develop our literature knowledge. We examine parts of brain which enable persuasion and retention in mind. We look into persuasion steps of Aristoteles.

Steps of Story Telling

  • We prepare our company story in steps with CC licensed canvas gifted by design-driven thinking to the world.


  • Contrary to the fact we suppose they know, people listening us, in fact, have no grasp of what we say. Then, shall we tell them what we will say on something what they know, using metaphors?

Use of Voice and Body in Narration

  • We make people suffer because of non-wonderful presentations of brands having wonderful stories. Now, let us work together on the stage to make unique stories engraved in mind, using ‘Voice-Word-You’.

Let’s create our own stories

  • All of us know that we will encounter “Can you introduce yourself?” question one day. Using Change Maker Story Canvas, let’s make our stories that listeners will listen, looking into your eyes.


There are no prerequisites for this course.