Spring Boot and Spring Microservices

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 4 Days
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    Rapid advancements in cloud-based software delivery and virtualization have caused many developers to question the wisdom of a “Big Server” approach to deploying web applications. Spring Boot is a technology stack that builds on the popular Spring Framework to allow deployment of Spring-based applications as stand-alone jar files that host their own web servers.  This approach works nicely with deployment automation and rapid scaling.

    Cloud-based, highly-distributed applications face additional challenges in supporting a dynamic environment – especially around configuration, service discovery, service resilience, and monitoring. Spring Cloud embraces and extends the popular suite of open source cloud tools published by Netflix (Eureka, Hystrix, Ribbon, etc.).

    This Spring Boot and Spring Microservices training introduces Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and the Netflix OSS suite as a way to deploy highly resilient and scalable RESTful services and web applications.


     Delegates will learn how to:

    • Use Spring Boot to build standalone web applications and RESTful services
    • Secure the transport layer via HTTPS
    • Implement asynchronous messaging with JMS
    • Build Microservices
    • Use Netflix OSS to implement patterns for service discovery, load balancing, fault tolerance, and other key concerns for scalable distributed systems
    • Monitor microservices with Sleuth and Zipkin
    • Filter requests to your microservices using Zuul



Spring MVC Primer

Introduction to Spring Boot

Building Web Applications

Spring REST Services

Spring Security

Spring JMS

Introduction to Microservices

Netflix OSS

Circuit Breakers

Monitoring with Sleuth and Zipkin

Filtering with Zuul