Secure Software Development

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 3 Days
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    Secure software development training is a training program that aims to provide software developers with knowledge and skills in secure software design, development processes and best practices. This course teaches the principles and methods needed to reduce the risks associated with the security of the software, prevent security vulnerabilities, and protect user data.

    This type of training can be taught on .NET or Java language, depending on the technology your institution uses in software development.

    85% of attacks target software. The aim of the training; to convey to the participants the information they will need to establish secure software development processes and to establish environments that will develop secure software with these processes.


Software threats and risks

Secure software development models and frameworks

Secure input control

Secure authentication, authorization, and session management

Data encryption and privacy

Secure access to data

Error management and record keeping

Web services security

Secure software design

Software security code analysis

Secure software development practices


Basic software development knowledge and experience