Qlik Sense End User

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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Qlik Sense is a popular business intelligence platform for data analysis and visualization. In order to use Qlik Sense effectively, it is important that users understand and use the basic capabilities of the platform.
In this 2-day Qlik Sense End User training, participants will gain an overview of the basic functionality of the Qlik Sense platform. This course includes practical exercises and example scenarios to help users use Qlik Sense effectively, but also covers basic application development topics so that participants can customize Qlik Sense to suit their business needs.


Module 1: Introduction to Qlik Sense

  • What is Qlik Sense?
  • Key features and benefits of Qlik Sense
  • Understanding the role of an end user in Qlik Sense

Module 2: Getting Started with Qlik Sense

  • Navigating the Qlik Sense interface
  • Understanding the different components of the user interface
  • Exploring the Qlik Sense hub and apps

Module 3: Exploring Data

  • Loading and connecting to data sources
  • Understanding data associations and relationships
  • Exploring and searching data within Qlik Sense

Module 4: Creating Visualizations

  • Using the Qlik Sense data model to create visualizations
  • Exploring different chart types and their properties
  • Applying filters and dimensions to visualize data

Module 5: Interacting with Visualizations

  • Sorting and filtering data within visualizations
  • Using selections to drill down and explore data
  • Applying advanced techniques such as set analysis and alternate states

Module 6: Creating Dashboards and Stories

  • Designing and building interactive dashboards
  • Creating compelling data stories with storytelling techniques
  • Using storytelling features like snapshots and slides

Module 7: Collaboration and Sharing

  • Sharing apps and dashboards with others
  • Collaborating with other users through commenting and task sharing
  • Publishing and distributing apps to a wider audience

Module 8: Advanced Analytics

  • Using advanced analytics features in Qlik Sense
  • Working with statistical functions and expressions
  • Implementing data modeling techniques for advanced analysis

Module 9: Mobile Access and Responsive Design

  • Accessing Qlik Sense on mobile devices
  • Designing responsive dashboards for mobile consumption
  • Understanding best practices for mobile design

Module 10: Administration and Security

  • Overview of Qlik Sense administration tasks
  • Managing user access and security settings
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting Qlik Sense applications


There are no prerequisites for this course.