PostgreSQL Development

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 3 Days
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    PostgreSQL comes with many features that help developers to build applications, and administrators to maintain data integrity and create fault-tolerant environments, and help you to manage your data no matter how small or large the data set.  PostgreSQL has highly extensible feature as well as it is free and open source.  For example, you can define your own data types, create custom functions, or even write code in different programming languages without the need to recompile your databases!

    This 3-days PostgreSQL training for Developers is an ideal training for developers and software teams who want to use PostgreSQL in their applications.


    What You’ll Learn

    • Functions, Queries, SQL commands, Reporting
    • PostgreSQL Analytical Functions
    • PostgreSQL Programming Types, PostgreSQL Object Types
    • Working with PostgreSQL smoothly during software development
    • Reviewing Dictionary Tables for PostgreSQL Database
    • Ability to design software data model by understanding the features of PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL Overview

Using psql

Using dbeaver

Data and Data Types

Creating Table and Column

Reporting (JOIN TYPES)

Sub / Internal Queries

PostgreSQL Functions (Single – Multiple Row Functions – Group Functions)

Creating Table


Reviewing Dictionary Tables for PostgreSQL Database

PostgreSQL Object Types

PostgreSQL Programming Types (Function – Procedure) PL/pgSQL

PostgreSQL Analytical Functions


Relational Databases and basic SQL knowledge