Operations Orchestration 10.x Flow Development

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 4 Days
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    This four-day course introduces students to the essential concepts and usage, and also to more advanced features of the HP Operations Orchestration (OO) software. OO is part of HP Cloud Automation solutions.

    Working with OO 10.10 includes using OO Central, the OO runtime engine, to locate, run, monitor, and perform important administrative tasks and using OO Studio to author and deploy automated workflows. A flow is a set of actions linked by decision-making logic to automate tasks.

    Other topics in the course include using the source control management (SCM) system, which is a useful tool for groups of flow authors to work collaboratively on projects. The built-in SCM tool in the OO Studio lets you work in the local environment while synchronizing your changes with the changes in the public version. This course also covers creating operations and subflows using OO Studio. Furthermore, you learn about using XML processing and using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). In addition, this course shows you how to configure emails for flows, use file system integration, and install, configure, and update OO.


    Delegates will learn how to 

    • Run and manage automated workflows using HP Operations Orchestration (OO) 10.x
    • Perform a wide range of system administration, monitoring, and management tasks using OO Central
    • Author, maintain, document, and package new automated workflows using the OO Studio application
    • Test and debug the flows locally and remotely
    • Work with Looping and Iteration operations
    • Apply parallel processing methods to your flows in HP Operations Orchestration (OO)
    • Use responses, rules, and transitions to control flow run
    • Use XML operations and XML filters for processing XML content in OO
    • Work with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) operations
    • Use the file system content in the OO library
    • Add email notifications to your flows
    • Execute scriptlet methods in OO to manage flow data and flow execution
    • Install, configure, and update OO


Introduction to Operations Orchestration (OO) 10.x

Working with Flow Authoring

Working with Inputs

Working with Results and Filters

Administration and Maintenance with OO Central

Working with Operations and Subflows

Working with Remote Debugging

Working with Source Control Management (SCM)

Working with OO Shell

Working with the PowerShell Wizard

Introduction to Intermediate and Advanced Authoring in Operations Orchestration (OO)

Working with Looping and Iteration Operations

Working with Parallel Processing

Using Responses, Rules, and Transitions to Control Flow Run

Working with XML Processing

Working with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

Working with FS

Working with Emails


There are no prerequisites