Operations Orchestration 10.x Advanced Authoring

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 3 Days
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    This three-day course introduces students to advanced concepts of flow development and usage of the Operations Orchestration (OO) software along with some integration. OO is part of Cloud Automation solutions.

    This course introduces best practices related to content authoring, structuring, and promotion. The execution order internal to OO is explained in detail. This course further focuses on advanced topics including using scriptlets, using Representational State Transfer (REST) to interact with OO Central, using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to interact with web services and using semaphores. A number of topics dive deeper into the use of OO to automate tasks, such as creating PDFs and interfacing with Subversion (SVN) from within OO flows.


    Delegates will learn how to 

    • Describe how to align flow authors to a common way to develop, document, package, and deliver OO 10.x content.
    • Describe how OO executes workflows in terms of component execution order.
    • Execute scriptlet methods in OO to manage flow data and flow execution
    • Summarize the concepts related to semaphores and how to use them in OO
    • Describe the use of the Source Control Management (SCM) tool and perform advanced tasks
    • Extend OO through the use of external libraries
    • Use the Web Services wizard and create flows using the newly generated operations
    • Describe and use REST calls
    • Write flows for Cloud Service Automation (CSA) lifecycle actions
    • Describe integration content
    • Create workflows using CloudSlang and execute them on OO Central


    This course is designed for Workflow developers, System Administrators, Automation Operators, DevOps integrators, and other personnel responsible for the implementation of OO.


Module 1: Course Overview

Module 2: Best Practices for Content Authoring, Structuring, and Promotion

Module 3: Understanding Execution Order

Module 4: Scriptlets

Module 5: Using Semaphores

Module 6: SCM Management

Module 7: Generate PDFs

Module 8: Web Services

Module 9: REST Calls

Module 10: Writing Flows for CSA

Module 11: Integration Content (Server Automation and Service Manager)

Module 12: CloudSlang


HPE OO220 Flow Authoring

Networking terms and concepts

Web browsers and telnet or Secure Shell (SSH) connection methods

Different operating system environments