ODI – Oracle Data Integrator

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Duration : 5 Days
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Oracle Data Integrator is built to pushdown the transformation work to the source or target datasource. This means there is no need for a middle tier ETL engine to perform transformations, as many of the traditional ETL tools employ. In fact, in most implementations the ODI agent, which performs orchestration of the ETL processes, simply sends the code to the target server to be executed. This architecture allows ODI to use the power of the target datasource to execute the transformations.

Oracle Data Integrator training provides foundational knowledge and skills to implement data integration processes in business intelligence platforms. It covers basic concepts including data integration, architecture, ODI repositories, and advanced concepts such as ODI project development, etc., and this also will help you become a certified ODI developer.


Major Components in ODI

ODI Topology Concepts

Describing the Physical and Logical Architecture

Setting Up a New ODI Project

Oracle Data Integrator Model Concepts and Data Stores

Organizing ODI Models and Creating Data stores

ODI Mapping Concepts and Designing Simple Mappings

Mapping: Monitoring and Debugging

Multi Data Source Mappings and Lookups

Reusable Mappings and Partitioning

ODI procedures and Functions

Using ODI Variables and Packages

Managing ODI Scenarios and Versions

Using Load Plans

Working with Changed Data Capture with Triggers

Developing Knowledge Modules

Designing ODI Integration Mappings

Managing Object Versions

Using Variables in ODI

Accelerating Development with Groovy

Calling Outbound Web Services and saving the result


Basic knowledge of ELT data processing