Negotiation Skills

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Duration : 2 Days
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    Tactful and effective negotiation leads to positive outcomes that yield mutually beneficial solutions. By understanding others’ intentions and goals, you can develop creative solutions and recover stalled negotiations. You will apply negotiation skills and tactics to a variety of challenging situations that mirror real workplace scenarios.


    Delegate will learn how to

    • Identify and explain basic concepts associated with the practice of negotiation
    • Discover own negotiation style and identify situations in which each style is most effective
    • Examine key elements of negotiation planning
    • Identify and implement key concepts and strategies related to Interest-Based Negotiation (IBN)
    • Examine how the concepts of power and need influence negotiation strategy and tactics
    • Assess how multi-party negotiations differ from two-party negotiations
    • Examine communication issues to enhance negotiations and foster positive professional relationships



    This course is designed for individuals who want to learn to negotiate agreements in a way that builds and maintains effective working relationships.


Understanding How Negotiation Works

  •       Basic Negotiation Concepts
  •       The Negotiation Process

Negotiation Styles

  •       What Makes a Successful Negotiator?
  •       Assessing Negotiation Styles

Planning for a Negotiation

  •       Key Elements of Negotiation Planning
  •       What Do You Hope to Achieve?
  •       Negotiation Planning Checklist
  •       Module Capstone: Negotiation Planning

Interest-Based Negotiation (IBN)

  •       What is Interest-Based Negotiation?
  •       IBN in Action
  •       Module Capstone: The Burning Sailboat

Power, Needs, and Strategy

  •       Power
  •       Needs
  •       Strategy and Tactics
  •       Module Capstone: Strategies and Tactics

Multi-Party Negotiations

  •       Two Parties vs. Multiple Parties
  •       Module Capstone: Negotiation in a Meeting

Communicating Effectively to Enhance Negotiations

  •       Understanding Communication Basics
  •       Overcoming Communication Barriers


There are no prerequisites for this course.