Motivation Magic

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 1 Day
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Knowing is not enough; practicing is necessary.’’ J. Wolfgang von Goethe

‘’How are we motivated? How do we motivate?’’  Daniel Pink.


You can improve motivational skill, which we use every phase of life, in this training in an enjoyable way. Motivation Magic training is formed for the managers and employees of our country, based on Daniel Pink’s DRIVE® doctrine, which has made contribution to thousands of people, and with the team motivation experience of years.

In the program, a group awareness is created with in-class interactions, video- aided applications and animations. Subjects are presented in a joyful manner, giving concrete examples form life.

This program provides, with the sharing of professional work life experiences and recent examples, sustainable acquisitions that can be easily applied in every field of both business and private life

In a way “we go to our works happily” as expressed by a Turkish idiom, we will understand dynamics of self-motivation and experience them by ourselves. We will emphasize on benefits of internal and external motivators in motivating people for their jobs, and dangers of demotivation.

You will learn how we can use today’s popular “Gamification” techniques in business life. Additionally, you will have an awareness in terms of motivating your customers by “Who is your Customer” cards.



The purpose of Motivation Magic is to ensure every participant to make a progress on the skill of motivating people by acquiring a conscious naturalness and simplicity.

Participants will discover that they will achieve better results when they motivate their business mates, private life mates and themselves more naturally, more strongly and more differently. Thus, they will help those results will come out:

These techniques, in one hand, motivate people that you manage to do more successful jobs and, on the other hand, help you create successfully a social cycle when they are used in your private life.

They help address people’s sense of achievement and competition. Thus, these people do not feel as if they were exposed to an advertisement; they become intrinsically motivated for your desired behavior changes.

They help you familiarize with your potential customers and make customized campaigns for them in forthcoming processes.

They form the sense of partnership among your employees; they strengthen relations within company.

They affect buying decisions of potential



– Top and middle level managers from all functions, who would like to develop work performance and manage the job they do, being more motivated.

– Those who are in the need of volunteer collaboration with their customers and employees on the job they would like to do.

– Those who would like to solve the motivation problem experienced by them in work life or private life.

– All participants who have made a progress on self-motivation and want to advance this progress.


Part 1:

  • Instruction of Motivation Science Theory- Basic Approach and Focusing on Human
  • How are we motivated? How do we motivate?
  • Improvement of active listening skill to understand the other side and of getting results together system.
  • Skill of motivating difficult persons under changing conditions (Active Application)
  • Basics of sustainable motivation

Part 2:

  • Techniques of eliciting motivation maps by teams
  • For a behavior change, preparing programs that will arouse an excitement for a job, basing on FLOW theory.
  • Sharing of experience, collective evaluation, feedback-guidance
  • The program is finalized with optional one-to-one team motivation map preparation work special for participants. In that way, participants can experience and reinforce how they become effective in their personal situations. Team motivation map work will be conducted in the designated period as one session (5 minutes) after the completion of the training.


There are no prerequisites for this course.