MongoDB for Developers

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 3 Days
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    MongoDb, an open source NoSQL database application, is preferred by many institutions due to its flexible and easy to use. In addition to being document-based and fast, MongoDB’s ability to store NoSQL data in document format and its scalability provides a great advantage in terms of easily analyzing the data.

    This 3-days MongoDB training for developers is suitable for developers, improvers and participants of software teams who want to use MongoDB in their applications.


    What You’ll Learn

    • General features and MongoDB structure
    • MongoDB command line client
    • Adding, deleting and changing data on MongoDB
    • Document consept and structure
    • Defining the indexes of the collection
    • Summarizing large amounts of data


Intro to MongoDB

Getting Started with MongoDB

MongoDB and the Document Model

Introduction to MongoDB Data Modeling

Connecting to a MongoDB Database

Connecting to MongoDB in Java

MongoDB CRUD Operations: Insert and Find Documents

MongoDB CRUD Operations: Replace and Delete Documents

MongoDB CRUD Operations: Modifying Query Results

MongoDB CRUD Operations in Java

MongoDB Aggregation

MongoDB Aggregation with Java

MongoDB in Spring

MongoDB Indexes

MongoDB Search

MongoDB Transactions

MongoDB Compass


Basic knowledge about databases