LoadRunner 12.0 Essentials

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 5 Days
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    This five-day course introduces students to LoadRunner 12.0. The course covers topics about the Virtual User Generator (VuGen), Controller, and Analysis tools. This course is designed to give you a foundation in basic load testing tasks. You create and run load test scenarios using the Controller. The Analysis tool is used to analyze load test results. You learn to work with the graphs to display data after a test is executed.
    The hands-on labs are designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to create scripts in VuGen, execute scenarios in the Controller, and view the results in the Analysis tool. The course consists of focused, task-oriented lectures, text, and a series of detailed hands-on labs to teach the course material to the student. The hands-on labs use version 12.0 of the software.

    Delegates will learn how to 

    • Identify the information that you need for load testing
    • Identify the components of LoadRunner (LR)
    • Apply the recommended workflow to create a basic LR scenario
    • Assign scripts, run-time settings, performance monitors, Load Generators (LGs), and Virtual User (Vusers) to a LR scenario based on your load testing goals
    • Perform a load test on your application by running a scenario
    • Record scripts in the web environment using the Virtual User Generator (VuGen)
    • Measure steps and business processes using transactions
    • Parameterize scripts to vary user input data
    • Customize scripts by adding VuGen and basic C language functions
    • Correlate scripts to process server-generated data


Module 1: Course Overview of LoadRunner 12.0 Essentials

Module 2: Introduction to HP LoadRunner (LR) 12.0

Module 3: What’s New in LR 12.0

Module 4: Planning an Effective Load Test

Module 5: Installing LR Components

Module 6: Introduction to Scenarios

Module 7: Using Run-Time Settings

Module 8: Scheduling Scenarios

Module 9: Using Performance Monitors

Module 10: Running a Scenario

Module 11: Using the Analysis Tool


Module 1: Course Overview of Virtual User Generator 12.0 Essentials

Module 2: Introduction to Virtual User Generator (VuGen)12.0

Module 3: What’s New in VuGen in 12.0

Module 4: Recording Scripts for Web Applications

Module 5: Replaying the Vuser Scripts

Module 6: Inserting Transactions into the Script

Module 7: Parameterizing a Script

Module 8: Verifying the Vuser Scripts

Module 9: Creating Actions for a Web Script

Module 10: Using the VuGen Editor

Module 11: Using the Advanced Scripting Techniques for Vuser Scripts

Module 13: Using Manual Correlation

Module 14: Auto Correlation During Recording


There are no prerequisites