Leadership and Management Skills for Non-Managers

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 3 Days
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    Leaders exist at all levels of an organization, and face challenges no matter their role. But with challenges come opportunities. Learn how to identify and seek out those opportunities, and use your strengths to communicate effectively, build relationships, and solve problems. You will examine the best strategies to make decisions, work in teams, and succeed during organizational change


    Delegates will learn how to

    • Apply leadership and management skills to overcome a leadership challenge
    • Explain leadership and management as an integration of roles with distinct characteristics
    • Describe emotionally intelligent leadership skills
    • Recognize the importance of developing strategic awareness of how your organization functions, including how to navigate your organization and collaborate with key stakeholders
    • Demonstrate an understanding of basic communication principles as they relate to leadership and management
    • Explain how to leverage the skills of others as well as your own in order to effectively work in teams
    • Apply critical thinking techniques to solve problems and make decisions
    • Describe techniques to influence others within your organization
    • Describe techniques for successfully responding and adapting to change



    This course is designed for individuals who are not formal managers but need to get work done through others.


Leadership Challenge

  •     Understanding Your Leadership Challenge

Defining Leadership and Management

  •     Characteristics of an Effective Leader
  •     The Integration of Leadership and Management

Emotional Intelligence

  •     Emotional Intelligence and Leadership and Management
  •     Self-Awareness
  •     Self-Management
  •     Social Awareness
  •     Relationship Management

Broadening Your Perspective

  •     Understanding the Organizational Environment
  •     Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
  •     Understanding the Needs of Others

Communication Skills

  •     Workplace Communication Fundamentals
  •     Communication Filters
  •     Listening and Asking Questions

Working in Teams

  •     High-Performing Teams
  •     Team Development
  •     Trust Within Teams
  •     Improving Team Functions

Problem Solving and Decision Making

  •     Best Practices for Problem Solving and Decision Making
  •     Overcoming Inhibitors to Creative Problem Solving
  •     Ethical Decision Making
  •     Accountability

Influencing Without Authority

  •     Principles of Influence
  •     Sources of Influence
  •     Influencing Techniques
  •     The Influential Conversation
  •     Establishing Credibility
  •     Harnessing Your Power
  •     Networking
  •     Managing Up

Effectively Responding and Adapting to Change

  •     Benefits of Change
  •     Resistance to Change
  •     Change and Transition
  •     Engaging Groups in Change


There are no prerequisites for this course.