Leadership and Management 360-Degree Assessment Workshop

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 1/2 Days
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    A holistic view of your on-the-job performance is beneficial to personal growth. 360-degree assessments give you this view by gathering feedback from a self-assessment, your supervisor, those who report to you, and select colleagues or team members. This feedback will help you understand your strengths and identify areas for continued growth and leadership development. This is a four-phase workshop and will address the assessment results and how to use the information to create an action plan to achieve individual development goals.



    • Interpret 360-degree feedback results to create a development plan



    This workshop is designed for individuals who want to gain valuable insight about their performance and how they are perceived by others.


Reading and Interpreting the 360-Degree Feedback Results

  • Analyzing 360-Degree Feedback Results
  • Reacting to Feedback Results
  • Translating Awareness into Behavioral Change