IOS Gaming: Developing IOS Apps for Gaming

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 5 Days
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Mobile gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries. It has become the primary driver of growth in the game industry over the past several years. According to a recent report by Newzoo, the mobile game industry, in which iOS plays a central role, will be a $100 billion market in just three years time.

The success of games on iOS parallels the phenomenal success of the iPhone and App Store. The iPhone’s hardware played a significant role with its novel design that provided game developers with the flexibility to experiment. Just as important, though, was the advent of In-App Purchases. Games, like other apps, were originally free or paid. When In-App Purchases came along, a whole category of games that offered in-app, paid consumables, level packs, and other digital goods was born that has been wildly successful for many game developers.


Delegates will learn how to:

• Plan, Design, And Develop Your Own Games From Scratch

• Program And Solve Complicated Problems Using Swift

• Organize Project And Animate Sprites

• Create Menus

• Create Menus In The Scene Editor

• Create Scenes In The Scene Editor

• Learn SpriteKit’s Physics System

• Encript And Save Your Game Data Using NSKeyedArchiver And NSKeyedUnarchiver

• Play Music In Your Game

• Use Basic And Intermediate Features Of SKActions


Principles of Game Design

Finding Resources:Expensive, Cheap,and Free

2D Gaming Using UIKitand CoreAnimation

Tappinginto iOSSensors (accelerometer,gyroscope)

Playing Video

The camera, the GPS,and Augmented Reality

Game Center Integration

Twitter Integration

Facebook Connect

Simple 2D Audio

Accelerated 2D graphics using openGL ES

Simplifying 2D Game Development Usingthe cocos2D Game Engine

Scenes,Layers,and Sprites

2D PhysicsEngine

Collision Detection

Creating Great Game GUIs

Importing Custom Fonts

Customizing Control Appearances

Respondingto Touch Gestures

Connecting Devices Using Bonjour

Unreal 3D Game Engine

Unity3D Game Engine

Particle Effects

3D SpatialSound