IOS Application Development: The Swift Programming Language

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 5 Days
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    Swift is an exciting, new programming language for the rapid development of iOS and OS X apps. It combines the best features of languages like Python, Ruby and Java to create a powerful modern language that’s great to work with.

    On this course we will logically take you through the Swift programming language, enabling you to focus on the code and how you can apply it in the real world. Step by step you will develop your Swift knowledge, with hands-on labs allowing you to reinforce what you have learned after each step. At the end you will apply your Swift knowledge by writing a simple iOS app.


    Delegates will learn

    • How Swift is safe, modern, and powerful
    • Use Swift Playgrounds
    • Work with advanced language features such as generics, protocols, and extensions
    • Swift execution internals and memory management



    Delegates for this course need to be competent programmers in another programming language and have an understanding of object-oriented programming principles.


Introduction to Swift for iOS and OS X

Language Basics

Optionals and Optional Chaining

Common Types


Functions and Closures


Structures and Enumerations

Protocols and Extensions


Memory Management