International Test Automation

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    International Test Automation course is principally aimed at test practitioners who would like to understand more about automation tools and techniques before deciding on a test tool and embarking on an automation project.Also it provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide a test automation project. The course focuses on the concepts, methods, tools, and processes for automating dynamic functional tests and the relationship of those tests to test management, configuration management, defect management, software development processes and quality assurance.

    Methods described are generally applicable across variety of software lifecycle approaches (e.g., agile, sequential, incremental, iterative), types of software systems (e.g., embedded, distributed, mobile) and test types (functional and non-functional testing).


     Delegates will learn

    • Test-driven development and continuous integration
    • System testing
    • Automated regression testing and selecting tests for automation.
    • User Acceptance Test
    • Creating test data.
    • Selecting the tests that are best suited to automation
    • Calculating the return on investment when automating:


Test Automation Planning and Management

Setting Test Automation Targets: Being Aware of True and False Targets, Following the Most Up-to-Date Technologies and Standards

Return on Test Automation Investment

Architecture and Importance of Test Environments

Before and After Test Automation

Scripting Techniques

Techniques: Linear, Structured, Data-driven, Keyword-driven, Model-based, Hybrid

Advanced Keyword-Based and Domain-Specific Test Language

Comparison of Commercial and Open Source Testing Tools

Test Design Techniques

Test Case Development and Test Data Generation Techniques

Selection of test cases suitable for automation

Behavior Driven Development Basics

Test Automation Environment Setup

Test Automation Case Study (Selenium/Appium)