Information Security Management

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    Providing participants with the necessary technical information to make the organizational information security level measurable and manageable.

    Delegates will learn

    • Principles of Information Security
    • Information Security Management
    • Secure Network Architecture
    • Business Continuity
    • Important Issues of Information Security


Principles of Information Security

  • Main objectives of information security
  • Information security models
  • Gradual security approach
  • Availability and security balance

Information Security Management

  • Establishing a manageable information security process
  • Information security policies
  • Information security procedures
  • Risk management

Secure Network Architecture

  • Circles of trust
  • principles of secure network architecture
  • Information security level measurement and evaluation
  • Continuously increasing the level of information security

Business Continuity

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery processes (DRI) overview
  • Determination of events that may affect business continuity
  • Creating business continuity and DRI plans
  • Business continuity and Disaster Center exercises

Important Issues of Information Security

  • Physical security and process security
  • Access control
  • Internet and communication security
  • Software security


There are no prerequisites