Influencing Skills

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    Influence is a powerful tool for any professional and can change your whole perspective. You will learn how to overcome obstacles, discover strategies to help build effective relationships, and ultimately expand your personal impact within your organization through engaging and dynamic activities. You will explore how to assess situations, practice new skills using a variety of influencing behaviors, and learn to build networks. You will return to the workplace with the tools and techniques to broaden your influence and be seen as a leader.


    Delegates will learn how to

    • Analyze the role influence plays in the modern workplace
    • Interpret the links between your natural emotions and influence
    • Create a situation-specific influence strategy
    • Demonstrate effective communication techniques to influence others



    This course is designed for professionals at all levels who want to learn methods to expand their personal influence through relationship building and cross-organizational communication.


Influencing in Today’s Workplace

  •       Understanding Influence
  •       Characteristics of Influential People
  •       Opportunities for Influence

Maximizing Your Internal Responses to Influence

  •       Interpreting and Responding to Events
  •       Threats, Rewards, and Influence

Building an Influence Strategy

  •       Assessing the Influence Situation
  •       Choosing Appropriate Influence Strategies

Communicating for Influence

  •       Influential Conversations
  •       Influencing Across Organizational Levels
  •       Module Capstone


There are no prerequisites for this course.