In-Company Communication

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In-company communication is of importance as to formation of company culture in all communications between all departments and all out-of-company communications and sustain company’s existence. In enhancing sense of belonging to company of employees and their being aware of decisions taken in the company, effective use of in-company communication means is becoming more and more important. When it is thought that y generation has an effective role in business life, it is true that in-company communication aided by technology and social media increases sense of belonging. In companies, which have a clear, agentless, and effective communication instead of second-hand information, employees are happier and resultant team spirit enhances efficiency.


What is in-company communication?

What is the purpose of in-company communication?

How do we communicate?

What does in-company communication mean in individual sense?

Unofficial communication methods

Official communication methods

How is vertical, horizontal, cross communication made?

How can we eliminate weaknesses in communication?

Importance of written communication

In-company communication means

Communication with y generation

Using technology and social media correctly

Secrets of high-quality communication

Tips for in-company communication

Aspects of us that must be individually developed

Contribution of correct communication in establishment and reinforcement of company culture.


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