Idea Development and Innovation Workshop

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 1 Day
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“It is not important what people say to you. Words and ideas can change the world.”- Robin Williams

Human-Oriented Design: It offers a framework which aims to reach an idea by identifying problem correctly and center on human perspective in this process. The mass on the focus is not limited to consumer or user but it may also contain people with different roles such as producer, masses which develop product and service.

Human oriented design offers some steps to solve the problem. When one fails in one of these steps, it suggests returning the previous step without a delay and make corrections and operate these steps as fast as possible.

We will reach the solution in Idea and Innovation Workshop, following these steps.

These steps are understanding –> having empathy –> problem identification –> idea development –> prototyping –> test.

In this workshop, prototype ideas will be produced in the same group with people from different disciplines, with human-oriented design.



With this developed method, a workshop is designed which helps go out of routine thought patterns. Subjects of Idea Development Workshops contain headings that are specific enough to develop idea and solution on it and headings that are general enough to formulate common ideas by those working on the same subject.

Studies made on learning methods show that perfect learning and individual development method can be only possible by being an active part of the process. Therefore, Idea Development Workshops present an effective learning environment, in line with program objectives. A learning environment is presented with steps of making presentation, adding a participant into one’s idea, managing group work, turning one’s idea into project file.

In this program, it is expected from participants to join the workshop with an extraordinary courage, to engage in activities and to share their experiences.


Introduction – We introduce ourselves by preparing elevator speech.

We identify our Idea Development Laboratory environment and build confidence. We experience some of the 7 techniques and learn some of them, with which we try to find the most accurate with a consultation culture where true democracy works.

7 Techniques

  • Experience –ABCD – What do you want to work on?
  • Experience- Brain Storm has calmed down. Now, it is time for Brain Writing…
  • Learning – Reverse Brainstorming
  • Learning – Innovate Shamelessly
  • Experience- Reformulation
  • Experience – Crazy People – Managers- Employees
  • Experience – Collage- Improvisation- Innovation

Business Ideas Presentation –Presentation& Story telling mini workshop

How are evaluation criteria determined? According to what, should the choice be made?


There are no prerequisites for this course.