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In the report published by the World Economic Forum in 2018. “As of 2022, it has been announced that while a total of 133 million new job opportunities will arise all over the world, 75 million positions will disappear. The competencies expected to be possessed by the employees as of 2022 are listed as follows: – Analytical and algorithmic thinking. – Creativity and innovation. – Technology design and programming. – Critical thinking and analysis. – Leadership and social activity.

If we aim to be players who take an active role in this situation and that the future is shaped by technology. I think we should focus on the integration of different technologies. We believe that we can provide the right service that the world needs by realizing that artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning or RPA, which are on everyone’s lips today, are sub-titles of Hyperautomation and by providing the right matches.


Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation integration, facial recognition system and reporting example

Management of Business Intelligence reports by robots and ability to manage processes with robots that can analyze. (Determining sales strategies and analysis, etc.)

Using robots in Invoice-Human Resources-Finance and Inventory management.

Managing processes with Artificial Intelligence Supported robots and human interaction.

To create process management structures that perform analysis that speaks with NLP – OCR – BI – RPA integration.

Machine learning measuring user sleep status.

Artificial Intelligence supported Personal Trainer project

Object Detection and RPA project.

More effective presentation skills with AI.

AR project and its impact sample applications.


There are no prerequisites for this course.