Enterprise Architecture and Design Patterns (.NET)

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Duration : 5 Days
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    In this program, the basic disciplines of object-oriented programming and the application of these disciplines in projects will be discussed. Another main content of the program is the design patterns that are used to solve the design problems that are frequently encountered as a result of OOP disciplines. Design patterns are approaches that bring the most successful solution tested to problems that everyone frequently encounters. One of the aims of this program is to consider design patterns from a problem and solution perspective. The last and perhaps the most important topic of the program is the examination of today’s popular layered architectures and is the implementation. You can see the entire content of the program in detail below, whose main theme is “Architectural Level Software Design with OOP”.


Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented Programming Disciplines

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Principles Required for Enterprise Coding

Making Code More Institutional

Test Driven Development

IoC Deep Look

Business Logic Layer Design

Service Layer

Data Access Layer Design Techniques (Data Layer)

Presentation Layer

Possible scenarios and resolutions

Design Patterns


Knowledge of C# Programming