Engaging Leadership

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    One of the most important—and most difficult—things an effective leader does is engaging their team members. An effective leader promotes a workplace environment that supports adaptability, innovation, and growth. Through interactive discussions and exercises, you will learn to identify factors that generate engagement and disengagement and gain the tools to cultivate workplace relationships. Through role plays, you will practice conversations that sustain engagement during times of change and conflict.


    Delegates will learn how to

    • Analyze the impact of employee engagement throughout the organization
    • Foster an engaging workplace environment that leverages the diverse capabilities of individuals
    • Use the power of conversation to encourage engagement
    • Employ best practices for engaging employees and promoting continuous growth



    This course is designed for frontline supervisors and new middle managers. More experienced mid-level managers will also benefit from this course.


Overview of Engaging Leadership

  • Engagement and Disengagement
  • Characteristics and Behaviors of Engaging Leaders
  • Engagement throughout the Organization

Engaging Diverse Audiences

  • Engagement and Identity
  • Leveraging Unique Motivators

Communicating toward Engagement

  • Engagement Conversations
  • Engaging through Change and Conflict

Leadership Tools Supporting Engagement

  • Building Effective Relationships and Networks
  • Encouraging Professional Growth


Advanced Leadership Skills and Techniques