Efficiency that will save 1 hour every day!

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 1 Day
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“Simplicity is complexity at the highest level.” Leonardo da Vinci


Today, business life is becoming more and more complex and layered structure every day. Simplicity and simple working order are becoming harder in parallel to this and most of aspects in our life, our efficiency, is being badly affected.

The training provides you acquisitions that will be instantly applied with fully practical instructions and that will help you save time. We will observe application properties of our office life for which you will say ‘It is very simple! How couldn’t I know this?” in every moment of the content taken part in by means of laptop, tablet and smart phones.

How can we use mobile devices to facilitate our works? We will observe how we will save time with Microsoft Office applications, which we will say ‘wow…!” We culminate in efficiency with Google products.

We will share methods that are in the characteristic of guidelines in forming the need of transformation, starting from individuals and action plans needed for this transformation.



This program aims to gain efficiency in business life, which involves complex and hard conditions, with simplicity and simple work order.

Rapid development of technology, increasing competition in work life, hard internal and external conditions, employee profile, shareholder’s expectations have formed existent working order, which is becoming more and more chaotic every day. An efficiency training that saves you 1 hour every day reminds you plain and simple working principles in which efficiency and customer focus prevail.

In the training, an awareness will be raised on fields that creates waste and inefficiency in existent work-doing forms, and light will be shed on effective and successful approach in terms of efficiency and motivation, handling negative situations in work environment and encouraging methods and tactics for individual initiative gaining.

This training, which intervenes in our life in and out of office with 360 degree, promises us to give us back our 60 minutes every day



Except for those who not only work in more than one business segment but also are in the need of doing multiple business and for those living the day fully who seek more opportunity,

  • Those who come home, exhausted and get up in that way.
  • Employees who work overtime (although their supervisor does not require them to do this)
  • Those who complete works slowly
  • Those who do repetitive work, creative works, spend a lot of time with people.


Part 1: Benefiting from advantages of Digital World (0.5 Day)

  • Hidden treasures of Microsoft Office Outlook / Excel / Power Point. Daily 30 minutes saving
  • No need to turn on Laptop when there is IOS-Android. 10 minutes saving.
  • Make online artificial intelligence either prepare presentation or do your works. 30 minutes saving.

Part 2: Cultural Transformation for Efficiency (0.5 Day)

  • Time Management Swot-Tows-Smart-Star flow
  • Results of chaos called VUCA
  • Obstacles for becoming simple. – Throw or Hold – 0 Inbox rule
  • Simplicity work with Broken Windows Theorem
  • Individual efficiency plan with design-driven thinking


There are no prerequisites for this course.