Effective Backup And Backup Management

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 1 Day
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    An effective backup program should be established to ensure the security of organizational information and to ensure that business processes can continue with minimal loss in cases such as cyber attacks or disasters. Participants will be given detailed information about backup technologies and processes and necessary information for an effective backup process will be transferred.

    Delegates will learn

    • Backup Concepts
    • Backup Technologies
    • Backup Processes
    • Backup Management


Backup Concepts

  • Backup and archive
  • Importance of data backup
  • Purposes of backup
  • Data types and data center environments

Backup Technologies

  • Backup software
  • Physical backup technologies
  • Backup to virtual media
  • Sample backup software architectures

Backup Processes

  • Detection of data
  • Determination of backup processes
  • Creating a backup architecture
  • Application backup strategies for uninterrupted service

Backup Management

  • Backup success/error tracking techniques
  • Monitoring backup servers
  • Managing backups
  • Determination of the data life cycle


There are no prerequisites