Digitalization and Industry 4.0 – İntermediate

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    Technology development and digitalization create enormous opportunities for your company to increase customer value by streamlining processes, increasing quality, creating new revenue streams, and reducing production costs. But the challenges are significant. Digitalization of business requires a systematical approach, changes in leadership style, and a completely new mind-set in the production chain. The training program “Digitalization and Industry 4.0” is structured as a step-by-step-process in order to support companies of all sizes in their development.


    What makes this training program unique?

    • Systematic approach to Industry 4.0 provides a deeper understanding of the concept
    • Hands-on
    • Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises
    • Technological and strategic issues
    • Interdisciplinary perspective
    • Cross-sector perspective



    ”Digitalization and Industry 4.0” is a unique training program from Germany with focus on sustainability, competence and innovation ability. In cooperation with German Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0 and RISE arrange a training program that supports development of production that is smart, flexible and resource efficient, thereby also contributing to the attractiveness of the company as a work place.

    Globalization makes companies meet competitors in a completely different way than before. The training program provides you with insight into challenges and opportunities of digitalization, and lays a foundation for strategic decisions. Simultaneously, concrete and operative questions as well as pragmatic solutions are in focus. Training sessions are designed so that you, if you so wish, can use your own cases as a starting point.


    Target group

    The training program is aimed at decision makers and employees at companies that want to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities that the new industrial revolution creates.



    “Digitalization and Industry 4.0” is a training program that goes in-depth, divided into three courses, followed by an online test and a case study:

    1. Basic concepts of the digitalized industry
    2. Advanced concepts of the digitalized industry
    3. The digital factory

    The training program is practically oriented. It provides concrete concepts, techniques, strategies and examples of implemented projects.


Advanced concepts of the digitalized industry

  • Wrap-Up course 1 and theory test
  • Quality management 4.0
  • Maintenance 4.0
  • Aftersales services 4.0
  • Business analytics and data mining
  • Ecosystems 4.0
  • Horizontal and vertical integration II
  • Robotics 4.0
  • Autonomous Systems