Developing Effective Relationships

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Duration : 2 Days
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    Some believe that successfully navigating relationships is an inherent quality that can’t be learned—but this is not true. Developing your interpersonal skills increases your self-awareness and strengthens your ability to better understand others. Gain a better understanding of your communication style and how it differs from others, and learn to use that understanding to communicate effectively—verbally and nonverbally. You will participate in an interactive game where you use your newfound interpersonal skills to respond to a series of real-world scenarios.


    Delegates will learn how to

    • Complete an action plan to develop interpersonal skills
    • Use multiple self-assessments to increase their understanding of themselves and the perspectives of others
    • Apply positive and productive communication techniques to various types of interactions by receiving feedback from others
    • Create supportive workplace relationships by treating others with respect, trust, and dignity
    • Use strategies to successfully overcome tense situations and restore confidence in relationships
    • Using a competitive game environment, use interpersonal skills to respond to a series of real-world scenarios



    This course is intended for individuals at all levels who want to improve their communications and relationships with others.


Overview of Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace

  •       Interpersonal Skills Model
  •       Senge’s Wheel of Learning

Awareness of Self and Others

  •       Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  •       Expanding Perceptions
  •       Accommodating Different Styles and Preferences

Effective Communication Skills

  •       Transparent Communication
  •       Focused Conversations
  •       Modern Communication

Forming Connections with Others

  •       Cultivating Trust
  •       Strengthening Relationships with Feedback
  •       Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation

Dealing with Difficult Interpersonal Relationships

  •       Resolving Conflict

Capstone: EXIT Game (EXperiential Interpersonal Techniques)

  •       EXIT Game (EXperiential Interpersonal Techniques)


There are no prerequisites for this course.