Design Thinking

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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‘’Design -driven thinking is a system prepared for vision makers, rule makers, and challengers, who try to design future companies, challenging old business models.’’ Alexander Osterwalder


It is a training aiming to instill participants popular currents in recent time with the method of learning by experiencing. Design-driven thinking, which has gained importance in recent years, is taking more place both academically and in application. After defining this design-driven thinking within theoretical framework, this concept will be reinforced with examples from real life and opinion sharing of the instructor who have experienced it.

In this design thinking training program, we aim to analyze virtual/real business ideas with their all dimensions and to prepare their designs so that they can be presented to investment circles/company managements.


In the design thinking training, we aim at following achievements:

  • Systematic and analytical thinking of participants,
  • Listening others and attaining innovation making skill together with them,
  • Working together and learning idea development techniques,
  • Improvement of presentation and rhetoric qualifications and skills, which are indispensable components for success in business life.
  • Persona- Value Proposition – Business Model making practices


Along with theoretical and applied knowledge, we will utilize various training methods and techniques, in particular case presentations, such as presentations, computer applications, group and project works.

It should be noted that it is an active seminar other than a conventional course. There will be reading tasks on crucial subjects discussed during the training.



Design-driven thinking and innovation training aim to cater for a systematic way of doing these  for people who want to start up a new business,  business persons who need an innovative perspective to develop their business and anyone who desires to think in an innovative way in every stage of life.

  • For a professional employee who would like to make an enterprise and who has this potential for this, instruction of the system that will ensure create entrepreneur ecosystem in the company for which this employee work and have top management’s support.
  • Learning by experiencing techniques that will enable us to persuade people to our ideas, reach our objectives and keep our performance.
  • Getting rid of existent models with idea development (IDEANATION) techniques, using our minds much more efficiently, producing analytical bright ideas in groups.


– This program is designed for top managers. Manager who will lead the change.

– Those who manage creative groups and design teams.

– All managers who would like to specialize in the subject of listening


Part 1: Design-Driven Thinking

  • This part is based on design-driven thinking. What is this movement that takes business life under its control? How is it useful for you, what can you do with this method, in what fields do you use it? Participants learn application fields, share success stories and make their own plans.

Part 2: Idea Development Workshop

  • In the accompany with 7 different analytical techniques, instruction as in the form of TTT (Training of Trainers).
  • Familiarizing with motivation of customer with the short version of Motivation Magic training
  • Work on Persona Canvas- Value Proposal Canvas

Part 3: Work on Combination of Canvas and MVP – Project Designing

  • In Entrepreneurship and Management Project, basic topics such as business idea modelling and innovation management are examined. Also, preparation of a real or real-like business idea project in which marketing and financing matters are structurally and soundly planned and project idea will be presented in such an effective way that it makes an investor take an investment decision is taught.

Part 4: Business Idea Presentations in 5 Minutes:

  • We will prepare presentations in the style of Elevator speech, which is a gift of entrepreneurship world to corporate life. At the end of the presentation, team will prepare real business idea presentation, taking one-to-one mentorship.


There are no prerequisites for this course