Db2 for z/OS: System & Data Recovery

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 4 Days
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    This course provides a thorough and comprehensive introduction into recovery and restart procedures for both the Db2 for z/OS system and its data. The course describes and explains in detail the components, utilities and procedures involved in data and system backup and recovery, together with the various methods of utilising them to ensure maximum availability.

    This course is applicable to all Db2 for z/OS environments, up to and including Db2 11 for z/OS.


    On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

    • list all of the major system, backup and recovery components
    • describe the need for Db2 logging to assist in recovery situations
    • describe the need for and use of all Db2 utilities
    • use the Db2 utilities and service aids specific to problem determination and recovery situations
    • identify when service aids may be required for use in recovery situations
    • describe the additional considerations when backing up and recovering catalog and directory tablespaces
    • describe the actions taken during normal start-up, operation, and shut-down of the Db2 system
    • describe the additional actions necessary following an abnormal termination of the Db2 system
    • explain why and how a deferred restart may be performed and understand the effect it will have on the Db2 system and data
    • explain why and how a conditional restart may be performed and the effect it will have on the Db2 system and data
    • understand the options available for a conditional restart and when each may be required
    • analyse any outstanding work following a deferred or conditional restart, and take the actions required to complete it
    • describe the structure and format of Db2 pagesets
    • analyse and repair broken Db2 pages
    • interpret common error messages, and decide upon the actions required
    • understand and implement Db2 system and data recovery and restart procedures



    Systems Programmers, technical DBAs and other technical support personnel responsible for Db2 for z/OS system or database recovery.


Db2 Overview

Db2 Logging

Introduction to Db2 Utilities

Utilities for Backup & Recovery

Utilities for Data Integrity

Other Online Utilities

Stand-Alone Utilities (service aids)

Catalog & Directory Recovery

Db2 System and Operations

Abnormal Termination & Restart

Db2 Physical Data Storage

Problem Analysis and Handling


A good knowledge of TSO/ISPF, SQL and general Db2 principles, structure and components.