Db2 for z/OS: Database Administration – Advanced Topics

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 3 Days
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    This course, suitable for all DBAs working in Db2 for z/OS environments, builds upon the skills taught in the course ‘Db2 for z/OS: Database Design, Implementation and Administration’. It provides attendees with an understanding of additional and advanced administration tasks. It also examines in-depth a number of the subjects covered by the earlier course.


    On successful completion of this course delegates will be able to:

    • appreciate the latest on-line schema enhancements
    • understand the concept and usage of versioning and pending definition changes
    • appreciate the enhanced facilities to manage partitioned data
    • identify the need for and definition of distinct data types, user-defined functions, triggers and stored procedures
    • describe how large object and XML data is defined and held
    • understand the concept and use of in-line LOB data
    • understand the recovery implications of LOB and XML data
    • appreciate the need for and use of specialised table types including materialized query, clone, temporal and archive tables
    • understand how row and column level security may be achieved using multi-level security, row permissions and column masks.



    DBAs responsible for the design, implementation and ongoing support of Db2 databases wishing to expand their knowledge and skills.


On-line Schema Enhancements & Versioning

Partition Management

Distinct Data Types

User-defined Functions


Stored Procedures

Large Object & XML Data Types

Specialised Table Types

Row & Column Level Access Control

Hands-on Exercises


Knowledge of Db2 database design and database administration. This can be gained by attending the RSM course Db2 for z/OS: Database Design, Implementation and Administration.