Communication with Life

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    Properties that makes a human a human are the same. What is different is in what way we communicate with life. Every human is a puzzle. Solving codes of puzzle or adding ourselves new codes is the most important element that makes the communication an art. People who can express themselves well, empathize and have awareness are happy in their lives, efficient in their works, open to collaboration and sensitive.

    Starting from these facts, we can summarize certain aspects of “Communication with Life” as such:

    • Developing awareness related to personal skills on effective communication
    • Help individuals understand their inner worlds so that they can manage communication correctly
    • Perceiving that communication is a process starting form ourselves and must be managed well
    • Facilitating solution of problems originating from communication, encountered in business life and private life.
    • Grasping importance of active listening
    • Preventing the conflict resulting from misunderstandings.
    • Positioning ourselves correctly in business and social life, basing on communication
    • Using effective communication channels, taking assured steps towards success



    Those who understand that clinging to life can be only possible with communication,

    Those who think the problem is not resulted from the people around but themselves

    Those who understand importance of empathy

    Those who know that the problem of lack of communication and self-confidence is the biggest obstacle in reaching targets

    Those who want to take an active role by setting successful communication

    Those who grasp necessity of individual development

    Those who believe in the change…


    Accompanying Applications with the Training

    • Breath exercise that can be applied in daily life
    • Speaking practices in front of people
    • Speaking practices in front of camera
    • Collective monitoring and performance evaluation


First Day

Let us review our body perception

How we can use body instruments correctly

Let us know ourselves starting from breath

The place of breath in our life

Stress-body relation

Let’s understand harms of stress

How we can deal with stress

Practical breath exercises get rid of stress

Meditative Stress Solvent Application

How we should speak to be understandable

Importance of Words and Vocabulary

How Word Power Affects Our Life

Frequently Made Mistakes

Skill of Listening Other Party

Active Listening in Solving Conflicts and Disputes

Importance of Body Language

How the correct use of body language should be

Highlighting Our Strengths

Importance of Observing Ourselves

Applications in front of Camera with Group Works

Feedback on first day

Preparation for Second Day Presentation

Second Day

Importance of Awareness

Need of Staying in the Moment

How should we use the brain?

The Essence of Subconscious Working

How Positive Suggestions Affect our Lives

Listening the voice in our inside

Breakers on Our Language

Speaking in front of People

Tips for beating frustration

Conveying Messages Effectively

Using Time Well

Importance of Effective Communication in Business and Social Life

Necessary Things towards Perfection

Writing a Scenario about us

Setting Target and Determination

Common Characteristics of Successful People

Presentations of Groups in front of camera

Monitoring and Feedback


There are no prerequisites for this course.