Business Intelligence and Analytics Architecture

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Duration : 1 Day
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    A business intelligence and analytics architecture is a set of frameworks to organize the data, management, and technical components used to build BI systems and analytical capabilities. Architecture plays an important role in business intelligence and analytics programs and projects, ensuring that the development efforts of multiple projects and teams fit together to form a cohesive and valuable whole. Comprehensive architecture addresses business purposes, organizational structure and roles/responsibilities, integrated information resources, various types of key processes, and a wide array of technology components.


    Delegates will learn

    • The full scope of architectural objectives: structural integrity, standardization, reusability, environmental fit, aesthetics, and sustainability
    • A framework to ensure overall architectural completeness and success: business purpose, organization, integrated information, process, and technology platforms
    • A framework to organize business components: performance, stakeholders, processes, rules, and information
    • A framework to organize the organization: people, purpose, process, and structure
    • A framework to organize information components and capabilities: collection, storage, operational data integration, data warehousing, big data integration, distribution/access/applications, and data modeling/metadata management
    • A framework to organize the processes associated with business analytics and intelligence: methodologies, data governance, data modeling/metadata management, data flow, business processes, and operations/support
    • A framework to organize technology platform components: servers, data sourcing, databases, storage, data integration, business analytics, and data management



    Business, data, integration, and technology architects involved in business intelligence and analytics programs

    BI and analytics program and project managers that need a basic understanding of the fundamental components of successful programs

    BI and analytics team members that need a better understanding of the big picture of the systems they work with



Business Intelligence and Analytics Architecture Concepts

  • Architecture Defined
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Acrchitecture Defined
  • Architecture Framework

Architecting Business Capabilities

  • Business Architecture Concepts
  • Business Performance
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Business Processes
  • Business Rules
  • Business Information
  • How Business Architecture Fits In

Architecting Organizations

  • Organizational Architecture Concepts
  • Modeling Organizations
  • People
  • Purpose
  • Process
  • Structure
  • How Organizational Architecture Fits In

Architecting Integrated Information

  • Integrated Information Architecture Concepts
  • Modeling Data
  • Collection and Storage
  • Data Integration
  • Big Data Environment
  • Distribution, Access, and Applications
  • How Integrated Information Architecture Fits In

Architecting Process

  • Process Architecture Concepts
  • BI Development
  • BI Use
  • BI Operations
  • Analytics Development
  • Analytics Use
  • Analytics Operations
  • Data Governance
  • How Process Architecture Fits In

Architecting Technology Platforms

  • Technology Architecture Concepts
  • Modeling Technology Platforms
  • Servers
  • Data Sources
  • Databases and Storage
  • Integration
  • Business Analytics Technology
  • Business Intelligence Technology
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Management
  • How Technology Architecture Fits In
  • Technology Fit

Summary and Conclusion

  • Tying It All Together


There are no prerequisites for this course.