Bug Bounty

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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Did you know that big companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft have paid millions of dollars’ worth of prize so far to bug bounty hunters who discover security vulnerabilities in their systems? As one of the most popular jobs of the new age, bug bounty hunting allows you to do your profession as the boss of your own business at anytime and anywhere you want. In this course, mainly you will learn how to identify critical security vulnerabilities that are commonly found in the web and mobile applications.


Target Audience

  • Penetration testers
  • Bounty hunters at beginner level
  • Cyber security professionals


What is Bug Bounty?
Bug Bounty concepts
Bug Bounty rules
Key to Success
Finding the right system
Easy targets
Collecting information over the Internet
Common vulnerabilities in the systems
Application analysis and methodology
Advanced Burp Suite usage
Essential security elements
Authentication and session management
Brute force attacks
Content injection (content spoofing)
Cross site request forgery
Cross site scripting
Encryption – SSL / TLS weaknesses
Business and logic errors
Information disclosures
Running command
Incorrect server and application configurations
SQL injection
Denial of service
Bypass security checks
Reporting and Monitoring
Continuity and Up-to-dateness


Essential knowledge of TCP/IP, networking and penetration test