Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 5 Days
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    .NET Core MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a framework used to develop dynamic web applications and APIs on the .NET Core platform, and this model helps you organize and maintain your applications efficiently. The MVC model divides the application into three basic components: Model, View and Controller.
    In this 5-day training, participants gain the ability to develop dynamic web pages with the .NET Core infrastructure.

    Delegates will 

    • Learn the ASP.NET Core framework,
    • Dominate the dotnet CLI command set,
    • Develop dynamic web pages using the ASP.NET Core MVC project template,
    • Develop a full-stack web application


  • Introduction to .Net Core
  • .Net Core MVC Project Structure
  • Project Environment
  • Working with static files
  • Startup File
  • DI Container
  • Controller Structure
  • View structure
  • Model structure
  • Working with Forms
  • Routing Structure
  • Area structure
  • Layout Structure
  • Work with Javascript files
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Migrations
  • Database operations
  • CRUD operations
  • Filter Structure
  • Middleware structure
  • TagHelper
  • PartialView
  • Component
  • Asp.Net Core API
  • Layered architecture basics
  • Perform the sample project

Ön Koşullar

It is necessary to have training in C # or to have a good command of the subjects described in the training.